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Friday Watercolor Class

Hello class! It's another Friday without you in my studio and I'm missing our get together so much. I have been painting myself on the acrylics, but most of my time is spent keeping Dahlia and Daisy going. And no I haven't gotten to my school work yet. Since so much of everyone's time is spent online, I propose that we check in on Fridays only. Then get off our electronics and paint! I can't wait to see what you've painted!

I spent a lot more time on this Queen Anne's Lace Meadow.

Started an under painting for a dip-tic called Chickweed Meadow.

Second layer for the Chickweed Meadow

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Thao Le Khac
Thao Le Khac
May 22, 2020

Sand verbena

Hope everyone is doing well. Would love to see people's paintings. Nancy Ihara


I resurrected my attempts at the hollyhocks; I like them a little better this time. Hope everyone is well and finding delightful things to paint!



I finished the colorful painting of tulips I started in our last class. I seems a little abstract, not my usual style. Catherine


Lovely! We are well and I have been doing a little painting. Unfortunately my art show was cancelled. I did paint this newly emerged Monarch butterfly. Catherine


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